It is important to know that windows do not cause condensation, they simply provide a visible surface for it. Here is an overview of common causes and remedies.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Causes of Surface Condensation


Visible Indication Possible Causes
Condensation on inside surface of inside pane • High humidity
• Sudden drop in temperature

Condensation on upper storey windows only • Cool air leaking to lower level or storey windows only warm
air leaking from upper level

Condensation on window frame • Air leakage window frame 
• Rough opening space
• Poor weather stripping


Visible Indication Possible Causes
Condensation on door frame or threshold • Air leakage around door

Condensation on lock, knob or hinges • Air infiltration due to negative pressure inside


Visible Indication Possible Causes
Condensation on closet • Poor air circulation around clothes 

Condensation and staining below window • Melted window condensation
• Window in humid area

Mould on wall • High humidity 
• Poor ventilation / circulation

Stains on celling • Frost build-up melting in attic
• Leaking roof

Bulging, buckled or rotting siding • Warm moist, inside air leaking through break in barrier
• Missing flashing, wind-driven rain penetrating wall cladding


How to Reduce Surface Condensation

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Recommended Humidity Levels

Outside Air
Temperature in 0C
Relative Humidity with
Inside Temperature of 200C
-300 or below Not over 15%
-300 to -240 Not over 20%
-240 to -180 Not over 25%
-180 to -120 Not over 30%
-120 to -60 Not over 35%
-60 to 00 Not over 40%

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